The polls are closed and the verdicts are in! Kidrobot and our esteemed panel of judges proudly presents this year's MUNNYWORLD MEGACONTEST champions.


Project: Munny

by Sergio Mancini
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Judges comments:
There are many aspects to why this piece is so brilliant, both in concept and execution. The clever concept really displays the true form of MUNNY. By taking the idea of "doing it yourself" crossed with a monkey character (inspiration for the platform), the simplicity of the platform is truly respected in this highly controlled custom. The striking execution is spot on and looks like a production piece already. You can tell the artist had his eyes on the prize, and was intent on taking a spot in Dunny Series 2012 when conceiving this design. Who wouldn't want this little guy in their collection. I do!



by Gary Ham
Location: Phoenix, USA
Purchased: Red Hot Robot

Judges comments:
Great character; excellent finish great colors simple accessories work very well. Could be a production piece.


by Kasey Tararuj
Location: Hamilton, USA

Judges comments:
LOVE the use of the hair on this one. Very creative. Plus I like bananas...

Mr. Joey Krack

by JCRivera
Location: Chicago, USA
Purchased: BLICK

Judges comments: Love the tonal quality of this so well realised with a wonderful vintage animation feel, very subtle but really bold and so well painted. A really great unique character with his own character and persona just shines through.

Cottick the Dream Faerie

by Fail2Evolve
Location: Boston, USA
Purchased: Newbury Comics

Judges comments: I enjoy the way the piece is carved as much as painted. I especially like the way the eyes were created

Monster Mutant Motoring Club

by B.A.L.D.
Location: Clovis, USA

Judges comments: This is a great little character. Has a nice set of chompers and lots of other interesting elements to keep the viewer interested. I liked the use typography on the back to give the character context. The typographic style also blends seamlessly with the character's style. The stylization of the jacket, eye patch and bandana are great and easily recognizable. Excellent and flat coloring make the design work well. It's simple and good, clean biker bayou fun.

Cheese Biscuit

by Kasey Tararju
Location: Hamilton, USA

Judges comments:
Original in every way. Really takes the giraffe inspired platform and runs away with it.


by Grimsheep
Location: Waterville, USA
Purchased: Bull Moose

Judges comments:
The craftsmanship on this TRIKKY is remarkable. I love the flatness/depth juxtaposition -- most of the body paint and clothing are totally without shadow, but the artist has added both depth and reflection to the eyes, as well as to the folds of the kimono.

On a more thematic level, I have no idea who this character this is -- is he a fox, a mouse, or a cat? -- but in any case he's obviously a badass. I'd hate to meet him on a bad day, even though he isn't wearing any pants.



Location: Homer Glen, USA

Judges comments:
While not a "technical marvel" this just hits right on and has a weird serious vibe I just Love. Has given emotion to a platform all its own.

Mad Scientist

by Matt A*
Location: Chester, USA
Purchased: Tenacious Toys

Judges comments:
This custom stood out straight away, the steampunk vibe, that goggle based glow. Just a gorgeous, really clean piece of work, a deserving winner!

Death Berry

by Pronto Pixel
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Purchased: Plastic Culture


by Sean Viloria
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Purchased: Unreal City

Judges comments:
This one had the best execution overall to me, I love the line work through out the whole piece. The bound hands are awesome as well.

Double Tribute Dunny

by Mone86
Location: Guidonia-roma, Italy

Judges comments:
I really dig that its 2 sided. Nice work on both.

Calligraphic Monkey

by Oscar Escauriza
Location: San Antonio de los Altos,

Purchased: freak store caracas

Judges comments:
Great line work and control on this one. It's one thing to do calligraphy on paper well, but it requires a very steady hand to do it well on a 3D object... esp something this small. Great job!

The Faces Dream Team

by Vinylassassin
Location: Weston, USA
Purchased: Kawaii Gifts

Judges comments:
The artist's use of pen is excellent. They use negative and positive space well and generate drawn forms effortlessly. Also variable stroke widths, pattern textures and pointillist shading are exploited to great effect. Apart from great pen technique, the artist also uses each toy's shape very well and there are not too many areas that feel under-utilized.


by Jeff Lassiter
Location: NYC, USA
Purchased: KRNY

Judges comments:
Absolute comedy, the punchline and joke is just so instantaneous and perfect, actually made me laugh out loud. I would love this in my collection.


by John Dela Cruz
Location: Fremont, USA

Judges comments:
Amazing execution! very clear and out of the box approach. tells a great story

Roatee the Raffy Pen Holder

by Joshua D
Location: Brighton, USA
Purchased: Hastings, Greely CO

Judges comments:
Puts the fun in FUNctional. My desk needs one or two of these.


Location: Lugano Switzerland
Purchased: Characterstation, Geneve

Judges comments:
Does so much with so little.

Almost There

by Noon-Yes
Location: Dallas, USA
Purchased: Characterstation, Geneve

Judges comments:
Love how the toy is creating itself. Very clever.

Golden Guard

by Pirate Sam
Location: San Francisco, USA
Purchased: Kidrobot San Francisco

Judges comments:
Power to the people!


by Themongar!
Location: Bandung
Purchased: Plastic Culture

Judges comments:
Well, I have to admit that my choice here is a little skewed, because I haven't played a video game with any seriousness since we used to stay up till 3AM eating Top Dogs and playing Q-Bert at Silverball Gardens on Durant in Berkeley. And that was a hell of a long time ago. Tristan tried to get me interested in Grand Theft Auto when it first came out, but I decided that if I want to jack a car, I might as well just steal the real thing.

There were many entries with really remarkable craftsmanship. But (typical me) I chose Mario and the bloody mushrooms. Apparently Mario's had enough of having his ass kicked, falling off platforms, and getting knocked by monkeys. So he's pulled out his trusty DeWalt Stumpbuster (note the artist's accurate choice of yellow and red on the saw), put a napkin around his neck, and decided to take his game to a new level. Mario obviously hasn't slept in a while either, he's eaten a bottle No-Doze, as his bloodshot eyes attest.

Best in catagory for originality, accurate depiction of sublimated anger and the results of growing up in a broken home, and for lots and lots of blood.

by Scott Kinnebrew!
Location: Austin, USA

Judges comments:
The "hardest working" category was also one of the hardest to judge. There were a ton of amazing entries by many talented artists. But in the end, Scott Kinnebrew took the prize with over a dozen hand painted and uniquely sculpted designs that utilize all the MUNNYWORLD platforms. Congrats!