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Jesse Hernandez

Jesse Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez's art has been called "Urban Native or Urban Aztec," as he combines traditional indigenous styles and themes with an urban street sensibility. His work utilizes bold line work, sharp colors, and dynamic imagery. Hernandez works full-time as an Art Director, Animator, and Host/Producer of the TV show Vinyl Addiction. He also finds time to create freelance artwork through his company, Immortal Studios.

Josè Leandro Cordova Lucas

José Leandro Córdova Lucas

When José Leandro was young a teacher diagnosed him with cerebral delay.

"Something bad work must have, or the rich and would have monopolized it."
--Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", Mexican Actor, (1911 – 1993).

Luis Mata

Luis Mata

"I was born in the most esoteric city of the world, Mexico City. I grew up with demons that I can not get out of my head. I draw to chase those demons in a notebook left in the street or in any object, and this will stop the day I die."

Luis Mata's Inspiration:
"The devil inspired me, the beating strong neighborhood and all the evil that keeps Tepito in the streets."



Victor "Marka27" Quiñonez was born in Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico. Marka27 has painted graffiti for over 15 years and has evolved from a graffiti artist to a well-rounded artist and designer. Marka27 is known for his popular line of designer vinyl speakers the "MINIGODS," and has also been published in several magazines, public articles, and blogs.

"For my Azteca Series II Dunny I was inspired by my minigod toy designs. I decided to combine visual elements of my minigods by incorporating speakers to the Dunny as well as inspiration from my Mexican heritage by using an Aztec aesthetic in its colors."

Miguel de la Barracuda

Miguel de la Barracuda



Josemaria Torre, a Mexican, has been an actor for more than 20 years in television, film and theater. He is both an entrepreneur, film producer, and Creative Director and co-founder of the clothing brand Ochö, High-end/couture cloths for street wear.

Oscar Mar

Oscar Mar

Oscar Mar was born in Monterrey Mexico. After making the move from Mexico to Vancouver, B.C. he graduated from a visual effects and cinematography program and was quickly employed by Electronic Arts. During his time at EA he worked on titles like Skate, Face Breaker and Need For Speed. Currently living in Montreal, Quebec, Oscar is working with Ubisoft Entertainment as a concept artist for an undisclosed project. In this studio, he has worked on titles like the recently announced Michael Jackson game for Microsoft's Kinekt and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Whether it is motion graphics, illustration or designing vinyl toys, he's always in search of new and compelling projects.

"My inspiration for the Dunny in the Azteca II Series is the "Adelitas" warrior - Mexican women that fought during the revolution. They fought, took care of the food and were nurses in the field. I combined this with an object that I find very interesting – the human skull."



Edgar "Saner" Flores is an urban artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Raised by his parents in Mexico City and surrounded by rich color and tradition, Saner developed an interest in drawing and Mexican muralism early on. He began expressing himself on paper and through graffiti art, later going on to earn a degree in graphic design from the Universidad Autónoma de México.

His creations are influenced by Mexican custom and folklore, color, mysticism, masks and skulls. A mix of these lifelong interests and passions has led him to become the artist he is today. Saner's work has been featured in galleries in Mexico, the United States, London, Berlin and Barcelona. He has collaborated with Kidrobot, Vans, G-Shock, HQTR Canada, Pineda Covalin, Persigna Store, Bacardi, Adidas México, Televisa, and many others.

"The sicarii (man-dagger) is inspired in the violence that's affecting Mexico right now, and the war between drug cartels and government. The way we are losing control of our territory is without doubt, one of the main problems that we are facing as a country, and with this piece, I try to portray exactly that, but in a funny way. Death coming from a hit man, is now part of a cultural element: power, revenge, fear, respect, lidership, hate...on that, everything seems to be blending."



"Mi name is Marcela Ruiz Barba, I was born in Tlalnepantla, Estado de México, mi friends know me as Tepetonga. Since I was little I was curious about the graphic and plastic arts, I work in advertising as a full time job, but in my other life, I am passioned about engravings, painting, photography, handcrafts, and basically everything that makes me feel satisfied."

"I have had Itinerary exhibitions in: "Wingfield Arts & Music Festival" (Wingfield, Inglaterra), ADOGI Taller Galeria Fort Cadaques (Girona, España) and, Galeria "L'Etang d' Art" (Bages, Francia) among others."

"I am amazed by the weird, marvelous and unexplainable things that life puts me through."

Tepetonga's Inspiration:
If you mix the tail of an animal, the ears of another one, plus something that you have imagined, and you add design, textures and lots of color, the result is an Alebrije. The Alebrije is a mexican tradicional handcraft, made with diferent kinds of paper or carved wood. Most of the times the Alebrijes represent an animal created by imagination.

The technique of a paper Alebrije, consist on the modeling of paper maché, coating a structure made of wire. NECUC means - a warrior in both sides- in the aztec tradition, which inspired this Dunny Alebrije. It has a duality in its nature, mistic, colorful and a charming being.

The Beast Brothers

The Beast Brothers

Born in an Aztec temple, deep inside the Mexican jungle, The Beast Brothers spent most of their childhood developing their unique and distinct style of art heavily based on Mexican traditions.

Over the last 10 years the twins have worked along side Nike, Reebok, Bacardi, Vans, and have designed the most sought-after figures in Kidrobot's first Dunny Azteca Series. In addition to their production toys, this royal pair has earned elite status in the custom toy world by continuously creating some of the most detailed and exquisite pieces seen today.

The Beast Brothers line of custom toys range include Sombrero-totin Charros, Day of the Dead Skulls, Aztec Gods, and even an entire clan of luchadores (wrestlers) that grace the ring of the BBWF (Beast Bros Wrestling Federation).

Carlos and Ernesto East continue to make customs, paintings, illustrations, music, and sculptures in their secret jungle laboratories located in various cities across the globe.

Michelle Prats

Michelle Prats

It's no secret that Michelle Prats' inspiration is the avocado. She explains that good colors have good taste, shape and texture. Avocados combined with any meal, salad or soup – or even a simple avocado taco – are always delicious. And the guacamole is a must.

Simply put: "It is delicious and it is my favorite fruit."

Daniel Bravo

Dani Bravo

Daniel Bravo was originally in graphic design for 14 years, has explored and won international awards in various areas of design, editorial, television, illustration, animation and advertising just to find in design the best way to communicate ideas because without them, the good design just can't exist.

Mexican by birth and heart, he likes to take Mexico with him every time he travels, and he brings back all kinds of things and stories to share and to inspire people. I think my country is full of inspiration on every corner and never ceases to amaze me I like to really live it and stay in touch with it, in the streets and its people, would be a shame to miss all this, we must always keep our eyes open.

"My inspiration for this design in particular was the art of the 40's and 50's in Mexico, painters, illustrators and muralists of that time that put Mexican art on the map and still today are reference in art history.

And while I have great admiration for them all, I found in Frida Kahlo's image that allowed me to play with a two-sided design applied to the figure of Dunny. I think this is a piece that represents the Azteca spirit without being pre-hispanic."

Anais E3

Anaïs E3

Izzie Ramirez

Izzie Ramírez

Izzie Ramírez is a native of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. This graphic designer and musician grew with a strong influence of the punk culture and skateboarding; and is one of the founders of two important groups of national rock punk rock groups that were on the rise during the end of the '90s through the early 2000s: HAMMER and Alpha Conspiracy Five.